Video Shooting Price List Template

In video shooting business, you could offer various packages for your customers since every individual has a different need, including the need for video shooting service. The template of video shooting price list will help you create informative price list so that your customers can easily read, think, and choose one of packages available.

Video Shooting Price List Template

The template is very simple. Once you download it, you can fill the template with information about your packages and the price. You can write down the description of your video shooting packages in the package box and write down the price under each of package descriptions. Do not forget to edit the title and put your company’s name on it so that people can easily recognize that it is your Video Shooting Price List. You also need to fill in the “Price Valid Until” part to give information to your customer when the price is not valid anymore and give you a chance to change the price later.

To make it more attractive, you may add images to the price list. Of course, you can change the font type and the color to make it looks better. You can print the Video Shooting Price List in card stock or other paper, anything you find it better for your business.

This video shooting price list template is a general design where you can follow to create similar template or create other. It just gives you ideas on how to create your own. Don’t forget to put your business identity in the template so nobody can’t copy it and claim it as yours.

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