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Christmas Wish List

In the advent of Christmas holy day, Christmas Wish List is something you should prepare. We all know that exchanging Christmas gifts is a tradition. Even more, we remember the most favorite story of this holy day is about Santa Claus and the presents he always deliver in the Christmas Eve. The best of this tradition is we could expect to get gifts from people who close with us. Therefore, our mind commonly filled with thousands of wishes for the Christmas gifts. Say, I want a doll, I want a pet, I want a new game station, I want a new smartphone, I want a new jacket, or I want a real car. Instead of keeping the wishes on your mind, better you write them.

Christmas Wish List

Writing you wishes on paper in now another tradition for Christmas, not only children, but also adult people doing it every year. Christmas Wish List will make people close to you, including parents and relatives know what you want and buy it for you. Who knows if Santa read it and give it to you. This is how we share happiness with other people around us. Therefore, age is not an issue here.

Although we could simply write the list on a piece of blank paper, it would be better if we write it in more attractive and nice looking card. It would help to make people interest to read the list and remember what in the list. The template of Christmas Wish List below is ready-made card with Christmas related pictures that will help you make unforgettable wishes this Christmas.

Four different cards in one Microsoft Word page of letter size are available for you to download free. Since you may have different version of word, two versions of Microsoft Word 97/2003 and 2007/2010 are available. Since some people buy Christmas gift early, it would be better if you prepare your Christmas Wish List early so it will not too late for you to ask.

Each card has different clip art pictures. You can print it on letter size paper and cut it so you will get four cards. What you have to do next is to write your wishes on each card. Hand it over to everyone you wish him or her to give you Christmas gifts. It could be your parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, or colleagues. If you wish something from Santa, put your card on your sock. In the morning of the Christmas Day, your Christmas Wish List may work like a magic.


Sales Form

Monthly Sales Target Form

A list of monthly sales target plan is always required by a company especially if it is selling products and services. A sales plan is very important to help a company to grow bigger and develop it to be one of the best in the class. The sales target will include all the things needed to reach the best achievement each month so that everyone in the company will work hard to be able to reach the goal and target that has been set. Without any target, the company will not have any idea about how many products they should sell and the company will not be able to grow bigger without selling many products each month.

Monthly Sales Target

Monthly sales target plan is not just about how much money should be achieved and how many products should be sold each month, but this is also about all the risks that can be harmful for the company if some bad things happen.

There should be an accurate calculation about the money and sales target to later analyze the problems and risks that might come in the future. This should be known because the company should have had the solution even before the problems are coming. However, making a sales target plan is not an easy task considering that you need to add many things in the plan not only about the sales target. The target plan should be readable and easily understood. So, do not need to make a complicated sales target because this will be just a waste of time. The simpler, the better. The target of sales should also suit the company ability, which means it should be rational. Surely a plan that does not suit the company will not work well. Everyone should work hard, but this does not mean they should do something impossible.

If you think this is not easy to make a sales target plan, you can use a template and do some modification to suit your company needs. By using the template, you do not make the plan from the start, but just write the sales target and you are done.

There will be some columns that you can add to suit your company requirements in making sales target. Just write the things that should be achieved by your company especially for a small business. Your monthly sales target plan will be easy to make using a template.