Membership Monthly Payment Template

If you own a website and always make your member pay a monthly fee to get your service, it is suggested that you make Membership Monthly Fee Payment template. By having this template, you will be able to control and check whether your income is swift or not, for example, if you have a download manager site and provide a premium option to the member, they have to pay the amount of fee for you in order to get premium service.

Membership Monthly Payment Template

In premium service, you can give your member the easiness to download faster, download without advertisement and much more. Then you can calculate the amount of money that you get this month by making membership monthly fee payment. In this template, you can divide the column into several categories. First is the name of your member and their ID. Do not forget to write the amount of payment that they pay every month.

Do not forget to lists the month also so that you will know whether your member always active or not. If they never pay fee again in the next month, you can turn off their activation as a member of your site. Many people consider that this template gives advantages in maintaining the membership status of customer’s account.

For you who are looking for a similar template for your organization, you may use the ideas above for your own subscription form. Yours could be different since you may add some item for your particular needs.

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