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Storekeeper Job Description Template

Storekeeper job description are the basic information you need if you want to be a person playing essential role in the store front door. Although it looks like a simple occupation, it works under the general supervision and reports to the manager or supervisor. To be eligible working as shopkeeper, you are required at least graduating from high school diploma or having 2 to 4 years of experience. Also known as store superintend or chief-store keeper, you have to keep on eyes on every movement of materials in the store. The technical knowledge and experience can help you fulfill all the given responsibilities.

Shopkeeper job descriptions

The storekeeper job descriptions are different from one store to another. You will find the differences after checking the size and type of the stores, as well as the products they sell. The simplest task to do when being a shopkeeper is serving the customers who need information about the product at the showcase. As quick response will leave positive impression towards the customers, you always have to be ready by standing close to that product. The most difficult duty that you have to work on as a shopkeeper is being responsible in sales management and products inventory.

The more detail samples of storekeeper job description are listed as below:

  • Ensure that all activities in the store running properly by performing the maintenance, both in terms of functionality or simply organizing the new items or available stuff in the store.
  • Should know well how to manage the inventories like keeping the records of store’s products and supplies.
  • Receive the shipment of new items and ensure if all of them are in good condition.
  • Provide the stocks in accordance with the customers’ demand and capable to handle the record of each transaction.
  • Set each expenditure budget and can report to the manager about the financial condition of the store.
  • Have the ability to store the products in order to avoid issues like the products’ improper placement.
  • Report the next orders that customers may make to the store’s supervisor.
  • Monitor and function all equipment and products at the store. Any error should be immediately reported to the supervisor.

Many people underestimate a person who works as a shopkeeper. In fact, this position plays a big role at the store. This more-than-just front guard can do many things. You can check again its list of job descriptions. You do not get yourself wrong by starting a career to keep a store.

There are still more duties that you have to know if you want to work at the store with this position. You are able to download MS Word based template to view the list of storekeeper job description.


Job Description

Machine Operator Job Description Template

A machine operator is a worker in the manufacturer or production facility who mainly works to operate the equipment. In a large manufacturing field, this employee usually deals with mass-produces parts, while in a small company, he works on the more specialized stuff production. The person may be given the specific task to handle a type of machine and titled based on his specialization. Take for example precision grinder operator. Other common equipment that this operator has to work with are usually including drill presses, lathes, milling machines and boring machines.

Machine Operator

Do you find an opening vacation as a machine operator? To apply for it, the qualification is high diploma school education or equivalent. New employees are required to follow on-the-job training to learn the basic machine operations from the easiest to the most difficult tasks. The company usually rules the specific schedule rotation to prevent the risk of physiological occupation burnout and injuries happening to the equipment operators. This obligation is also beneficial to improve the knowledge and skill of each worker.

To be a machine operator, you are required to master the specific skill depending on the machine type you will work with. A training session is usually provided before you fully operate the machine. Strictly the company even requires you to follow the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). As a machine operating professional, you have essential role to keep the production process running smoothly, especially in heavy industrial companies or manufacturers.

Are you wondering what a machine operator has to do? Here are more samples of job description that you should know:

  • Can use heavy machines properly
  • Monitor machines maintenance
  • Check up each part of the machine
  • Apply lubricant onto the equipment to keep it working well
  • Manage the load of each equipment
  • Control the machines’ operating acceleration
  • Ensure and control the resulted products to meet the required qualities and quantities.
  • Issue the needed specification in upgrading the machines
  • Manage the reports related to the resulted products
  • Manage and handle any troubleshooting happening on the equipment
  • Make routine checks to the machine performance
  • Test new equipment to find out its performance and ensure that there is no issue that affects the machine’ efficiencies

Considering the various tasks to do, the machinist is like a package of different professions, i.e. mechanic, builder, fabricator, quality assurance and craftsman.  Are you intended to apply for this job? Download the provided template to find out more about the job descriptions of a machine operator.